ACARTUS is an international network of accounting offices providing services in the areas of accounting, salaries, taxes and finance. Currently, we are active through our several branches in three countries in Central Europe, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Our team members have vast experience and high professional qualifications which guarantee our clients professional care and comfort when resolving various tasks.

The branches of the ACARTUS Group are situated on the strategic borders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The principal feature of the whole group is the continuous cooperation and communication among the branch offices in different countries. Each country has a team of professionals which provides services in Polish, Czech, Slovak and English, and as such, it provides comfort, complete ease of communication and better understanding of foreign accounting and tax systems to international clients.

This enables us to provide our clients top quality services free of language barriers and differences in legal regulations.

Our motto is friendly access to clients, identification with their interests, expertise and quality of services and last, but not least, an emphasis on the safety of activities and client satisfaction.