On-line accounting enables data sharing among users within our accounting system. Our client connects to our economic system as a distant user. Before initialization, the client it is provided with a user account through which it logs on to the on-line system.

In particular, the system enables the client:

  • to issue invoices and orders;
  • to monitor the status of receivables and liabilities, VAT and bank account status;
  • to monitor its financial standing;
  • to reduce the price of services for bookkeeping;
  • access of several users to the same agenda with precisely defined user rights (user rights of individual users can be defined in order to meet the client’s requirements in full).

Advantages of on-line accounting:

  • the client can keep its records directly in our economic system (invoices, stored records, etc.);
  • nonstop control of business (7 days per week and 24 hours per day);
  • removal of duplicate records of documents;
  • reduction of price for bookkeeping;
  • access is available practically from anywhere through internet.

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