The foundation of companies is a process which requires knowledge of the relevant legal regulations. The whole process is not regulated by a single separate legal regulation and as such, this requires extensive knowledge and experience. In many cases, entrepreneurs – beginners, but also experienced entrepreneurs do not have such knowledge or the time to visit all of the necessary authorities and institutions.

We are able to establish a company for a client anywhere in the Czech Republic, Poland or Slovakia.

Our services include the following:

  • preparation of foundation documents and other legal acts necessary for the foundation and incorporation of a company in the Commercial Register;
  • arrangement of a notary public;
  • arrangement of the registration of the scope of business;
  • registration of a company for corporate income tax and, as the case may be, for other taxes;
  • provision of the company’s registered office;
  • arrangement of registration at the relevant authorities related to the foundation of the company.

As a standard practice, we prepare the foundation documents bilingually in Czech, Slovak, English and Polish.

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